The Earth and Water plant nursery, based in Rhodes, undertakes the construction of gardens and green projects, their maintenance, and also  trades garden goods and equipment. The company owner is a member of the agronomists association of the Dodecanese and since 1990, both the owner himself, and his specialized associates, experienced agronomic scientists, who hold the degree of contractor and plant production agronomist, share their experience and expertise with their clients.

We are located at the 5th km of the Tsairi-Airport road in Rhodes and with consistency, speed and emphasis to quality, we undertake public and private projects. We construct beautifully decorated, elegant and, above all, functional gardens in simple residences, mansions, as well as hotels and other building complexes, taking care so that they are always in full harmony with the natural landscape that surrounds them. Apart from the construction of gardens, some of the services that we offer are the construction of public and private parks, floors for football fields, the maintenance of photovoltaic parks and the automatic watering of green projects with a full irrigation network.

Our love for green and our experience guide us in the selection of the proper plants for each garden, keeping always in mind that every garden must be unique and fully adapted to the needs of each client.
5th km of the Tsairi-Airport road,
85101 Rhodes

Tel./Fax: 22410 09281
Tel.: 6977509729

Opening Hours:
Monday-Saturday 8:00-16:00